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Two Mystery Plants

These two plants have troubled me since long. I thought this is the time to get some help from you – the experts:


Mystery Plant with Flowers
Mystery Plant with Flowers

I bought a number of fruit, vegetable & flower plant seeds early this year. I grew them in my garden and as usual, within days I forgot which plant was grown where, incredible isn’t it?. Now this plant, I thought it was carrots. Once it was a couple of feet high, I decided to dig one up & enjoy the young fresh juicy baby carrot. As I dug one excitedly, there was nothing underneath except bare roots. Disappointed & a bit baffled,  I planted it back hoping to get something later. Now this plant is 3 months old, about my waist high, and is producing one or two odd flowers, weird! What is this plant, a fruit, vegetable or just flowers??







Mystery Plant Building
Mystery Plant Building

I came across this building in Germany. It resembles to some kind of production plant. I have seen fertilizer plants, food processing plants and the like. But what is this plant? Any clues??

 Please Help Experts!

Moon Sighting (New Moon Visibility): Scientific Explaination

Part 2

(Read Part 1 Here which explains Islamic Evidence on this subject)

As explained in Part 1  that the physical Moon Sighting is required for the start of Rmadhan & Eid. Majority of the renowned scholars follow this opinion. Yet calculation is important to establish where & when to expect the new moon. If I say to you I have seen the moon on 26th of Ramadhan, would you believe me? New moon can only be expected on 29th or 30th of the moon month. Similarly there are scientifically proven rules that dictate when & where one should or should not expect to see the moon. Let me explain.

What is New Moon?

New moon occurs when sun, moon & earth come in line, No light of the sun is reflected by moon to earth, so it is a dark or invisible. Then moon moves away slowly & start reflecting light to earth. After about 18 hours, moon reflects enough light that it becomes visible on earth as a small crescent.

New Moon & Crescent Moon
New Moon & Crescent Moon







Before moon crescent becomes visible to an eye, all of the below conditions must have to be met (small variations possible):

  1. Age of the new moon must be at least 18 hours
  2. Angle between sun, earth & moon has to be more than 8 degrees
  3. The moon should be high enough above the horizon to be seen,
  4. The time difference between sunset and moonset should be greater than 30 minutes

Moon Visibility Increases from West to East

Moon visibility increases from west to east i.e. if it is visible at a point A, it will be visible in all areas west of A but not on the east side. For example, if new moon is visible up to France, it must also be visible in USA but must not be visible in Middle East on that time & day.

Considering the above points scientists plot a moon visibility map. It shows very clearly in which country the moon crescent will be visible on a given day. You can visit many web sites to see this.

Try this site run by Muslim scientists showing moon sighting dates: See below the visibility map for 5th June 2016:

New Moon Visibility June 2016
New Moon Visibility June 2016

White lines are country borders whereas colour clouds are moon visibility areas (Green: easily visible with naked eye, Red: only visible with optical aid) .

Now if someone announces on 5th of June 2012 in Pakistan or UAE that he has seen the moon then he is at least mistaken if not lying. It is just not possible.

We can now predict that which area of the world one should expect the see the new moon.

But don’t forget, we still need someone to witness physically the crescent moon in order to start or end the Ramadhan.

Happy Ramdhan to Everyone!

Interesting Facts about Northern & Southern Hemispheres

Northern (Top) & Southern Hemispheres

Earth is divided into two parts by an imaginary line called equator. The two parts are named as Northern Hemisphere & Southern Hemisphere.

These hemispheres have many strange facts related to them:

  1. Northern Hemisphere consists of most of the earth’s land area and most of the human population (about 90%).
  2. Southern Hemisphere is about 90% sea.
  3. Weather patterns are opposite to each other; for example when north has winter, south enjoys summer.
  4. Sun rises from east & sets in the west in both parts but shadows move clockwise in north and anti-clockwise in south.
  5. High winds, water currents in sea & airplanes tend to bend or curve clockwise in north and counter-clockwise in south.
  6. Moon appears upside down in South compared to North. The Northern Hemisphere is more suitable for deep-space observations because it is facing away from the centre of our galaxy, so the view of the deep space is not contaminated by the strong light of the nearby stars. But Stars are far more visible & are much brighter in southern hemisphere.
  7. The earth rotates at about 1040 Miles per Hour at the equator but is nearly static at poles.
  8. The days & nights are of same length all year around on equator. But days get shorter on poles during winter and longer during summer.
  9. Near the poles there is every year a summer period in which it is day only, a winter period in which it is night only, and the rest of the year one day and night every 24 hours.
  10. And last but not the least: If you have a bucket full of water with a hole in the middle, the water draining through the hole will start circling clockwise in Northern and anti-clockwise in Southern hemisphere. And there will be no circular motion at all at the equator. Don’t believe? See for yourself here.

Strange isn’t it!