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Change my Mugshot


Mr Daniel Damon, an Australian, was arrested by police for drug & traffic offences and then released on bail. He disappeared!

Police issued a Warrant for his arrest with his mugshot (photo taken at arrest) and posted an appeal on the social media. Many people responded to their appeal on Facebook.

To police’s surprise, Daniel replied himself; demanding that his mugshot is not good enough and police should post a decent one!

Daniel assured police that he would turn himself in but after organising few things and His response as well as police’s response is worth reading as quoted below from Facebook:

Danny Damon:> Can you use a better photo tho? This is a horrible mugshot

Police:> Hi Daniel, please visit your nearest police station and we will arrange for a new photo to be taken.

Danny Damon:> Yes I plan it once I get a few things in order.. Just gotta organise myself a lawyer and get everything organised 🙂

One reader commented on Facebook: “Victoria Police, he’s not very good looking, is he? Don’t bother with any more photos,”

Daniel hasn’t turned to a police station for a new photo so far…

I Wonder – Funny Leaders


See what these leaders are saying!

Sharif & Iron

Allah Ta’ala says in Quran “and we descended Iron”; Who would have understood this ayah better than Sharif family!

Sharif brothers inspecting extracts from mines in Chiniot Pakistan where supposedly large iron deposits are discovered. I wonder what big brother is saying to the younger?

Sharifs in Chiniot Pakistan
Sharifs in Chiniot Pakistan

Modi & Statue

Modi went to China few days ago where he visited the Terracotta army museum. I wonder what he is saying to this Terracotta statue!

Modi & Statue
Modi & Statue

Hero with Heroines

Most Famous Heroines of Pakistan visited our brave Hero leader Musharraf. Rubina Ashraf, Atiqa Odho, Bushra Ansari to name few. I wonder what was the topic of discussion!

Hero with Heroines
Hero with Heroines

What do you think?

Danger Crossing

Signal's Down - People Pushing Through
Signal’s Down – People Pushing Through

I sometimes see photos of people crossing railway lines casually; I can not decide if it is ignorance or sillyness or what. We read news every other day person getting killed by the train. I wonder who’s fault is this?

Children Moving Across Coming Train
Children Moving Across Coming Train

OK children are children; they dont know that trains are heavy body fast moving objects that can not stop quick enough and if a person is hit by it, would be torn into pieces. But what about grown ups??

I can't Wait -  to die
I can’t Wait – to die

Trains demand respect; less you have decided to die like this and then blame God for your negligence.


Too fast Too Close
Too fast Too Close

The trainline is too close to the houses and hence can cause accident.


What is this??
What is this??

God Bless Us! We trust you…..

Sometimes train breakdown too – Manpower takes over the horsepower in such a situation!

I pushed you for long - Time to Payback
I pushed you for long – Time to Payback


Guess What’s Going On?

Guess What is going on Here? 


(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Top Stupid Thing?
Top Stupid Thing?

This is good way to keep cool in scorching summer but how the hell you get there & back without wetting yourself ??


I am Loooong Legged…



Bring me a Clean Spoon Please?
Pure Pollution – Trash it, oops I mean crash it.

Pakoray khao jee tay Jail jao jee (Have some snacks Sir, on your way to jail)

What’s going on Here??? These guys were arrested making & selling pakoras during Ramadhan so police arrested them. How can you leave the evidence behind? Pakoray will also visit police station – though these will be a exterminated!

Leader’s Talking Nonsense

Sometimes the communication skills of Leaders & Politicians really surprise me. It is amazing how they can manage to still say something positive  (also known as bull sh**t)  even during disasters.

Alcatel-Lucent CEO and Members of the Board stepped down (in 2008) due to such a bad performance that the newly merged (Alcatel & Lucent) company’s shares went down by more than 60% in the last year, and the net Loss equivalent to $1.7 Billion,  was larger than analysts’ expectations (they were shocked basically). 

The news reads:

“Alcatel-Lucent, one of the world’s largest telecommunications manufacturer,  posted a second-quarter net loss of 1.1 billion Euros and announced that its  CEO, Patricia F. Russo, and its Chairman Serge Tchuruk, would step down.

 Now  look what the Leaving CEO and Chairman Stated:

CEO Ms. Russo said “she was Pleased with the Progress the Company was making, but that it was the right time to step down. The company will benefit from new leadership aligned with a newly composed board to bring a fresh and independent perspective that will take Alcatel-Lucent to its next level of growth and development.”

Mr. Tchuruk  the Chairman said . “I am proud that Alcatel-Lucent has become a world leader in a technology which is transforming our society.”

WOW What a performance!!!!!!