N Rangasamy CM Puducherry

N Rangasamy is the CM (Chief Minister) of a poor Indian state Puducherry. He was elected for first time in 1990 in local assembly elections.

He is holds BCom & BL (Law) degrees and hails from an ordinary background.

Rangasamy was appointed Agriculture minister followed by Education ministry and eventually elected as the CM of the state. He is the CM ever since and had never lost an election. How come?

NR on bike

The answer lies in two aspects; one he lives an ordinary person’s life and he lives among the people. Second & most important; He turned one of the poorest Indian states Puducherry into a better one:

  • After assuming the office of CM, he refused living in CM house saying Puducherry is a poor state; I don’t want to burden it further. NR lives in his old small house – no cars, no guards.
  • NR lives with ordinary people and lives like an ordinary person with an intention of serving them.
  • He drives his old bike and goes around the city meeting people & sorting their issues, without any security.
  • There were a huge number of people living in hut (slums). NR decided to eradicate temporary huts completely. He started cheap housing schemes; now hardly anyone lives in huts.
  • Schools provide free books & free lunch – yet you won’t see any ad promoting it in the newspapers.
  • His government arranged gas cylinders in the state so that poor don’t axe trees for fuel.
  • People traditionally did not give women the right to own property. NR gave tax reliefs on transferring property to women.

And there is a long list of such activities that has transformed that poor state into a relatively better off one. Politicians don’t like people like him; he was part of Congress party but was forced to resign due to internal politics. He started his own party and within months he was back in the office. He lives not in the CM house rather in people’s hearts.

There is another similar example in India, Anna Hazare.

Just compare him with politicians of our holy lands – I can’t think of a single example.

Expensive Bullet-proof Cars, Guards, Gold-Plated Bathrooms, Planes, Palaces, Off-Shores Assets, Houses in London, New York and eventually Houses in Hell…….

As a rule of thumb there is an inverse relation between leaders and their nation’s wealth. Richer the Leaders, Poorer the People….

Note: Urdu Article here: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103518895&Issue=NP_LHE&Date=20160516


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  1. i think there must be but other than Pakistan. Our leaders corrupt & nation too. we all need to learn manners & ethics of life which we have lost in the race of money.

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