Boeing 787 Extreme Take Off

787 in flight
Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Aeroplanes are the No 1 human invention in my view. It just amazes me beyond dreams when I see a plane taking off but this extreme Boeing 787 take-off will blow your mind away. It was conducted in an air show in Paris this year (link below to download & play).

Some Fact about Boeing 787

787 Cockpit
787 Cockpit View
  • Boeing 787 known as Dreamliner was first rolled out in 2007.
  • First flight took off in December 2009 and first commercial flight took off in October 2011
  • There are around 300 planes in service currently.
  • Boeing 787 can accommodate up to 335 passengers.
  • Its wings are elegantly curved upward such that it appears like a bird floating in air. This design feature reduces air friction as well noise, making it more fuel efficient.
  • 787’s list price starts from $ 146 million for basic model, going to up to $2 00 Million
  • It is a long range, highly modern, two-engine passenger plane.
  • most of its systems such as braking, pressurising, de-icing etc are all electrical.
787 Take Off
Near Vertical Take Off

Link to Extreme Take Off Video (Download & Watch):