Change my Mugshot


Mr Daniel Damon, an Australian, was arrested by police for drug & traffic offences and then released on bail. He disappeared!

Police issued a Warrant for his arrest with his mugshot (photo taken at arrest) and posted an appeal on the social media. Many people responded to their appeal on Facebook.

To police’s surprise, Daniel replied himself; demanding that his mugshot is not good enough and police should post a decent one!

Daniel assured police that he would turn himself in but after organising few things and His response as well as police’s response is worth reading as quoted below from Facebook:

Danny Damon:> Can you use a better photo tho? This is a horrible mugshot

Police:> Hi Daniel, please visit your nearest police station and we will arrange for a new photo to be taken.

Danny Damon:> Yes I plan it once I get a few things in order.. Just gotta organise myself a lawyer and get everything organised 🙂

One reader commented on Facebook: “Victoria Police, he’s not very good looking, is he? Don’t bother with any more photos,”

Daniel hasn’t turned to a police station for a new photo so far…