Modern Education System & Atheism

Modern Education System & Atheism

Extracted from a Speech By Nauman Khan, Youtube:

We are living in a time of scepticism. Today’s Modern Education System is geared towards seeding doubts about the existence of God in the minds of young generation. Every student, be it a Medicine or Accountancy or Marketing, he or she has to take few elective subjects such as Religious Studies, Philosophy, Anthropology, Humanity etc etc.  And these are the subjects that seed doubts in young minds. They teach Religion as an outdated option, much like a medical students analyses a “Dead Body” – just to learn about it without any practical implications.


The more a young mind studies the subjects, the more doubts he or she develops towards his or her religion. It rattles if not shatters one’s foundation in his faith. How this goal is achieved? There are four points that are fundamental to this issue in the modern thought. To better understand we need to compare the modern day studies with the past:

1- Pre-modern Society placed God or a Higher being at the Centre of all studies and this was common in all religions. Anyone associated with that Higher being was regarded as the most respected person in society; such as Scholars, Priests, and clergy.

Today, it is right opposite to this. God or religion has no place in Education. The system neither denies it nor accepts the existence of God. Instead modern educations system simply ignores this topic as irrelevant & unimportant.

2- Focus on Life after Death: All societies & religions had an embedded concept of Life after Death & accountability of one’s action this life. The system encouraged people to prepare for it.

Modern education has completely ignored this idea of Life after Death and focuses fully on the current life without any concept of accountability in next life.

3- Pre Modern Education System’s focus was on improving oneself morally & religiously (i.e. cleansing one’s soul).

Current education system gives no regard to the moral or spiritual values. Instead it is fully focused on the material sciences.

4- Pre Modern Education system taught a set of Values descended by God or a Higher Being. These were not changeable.


There is no space for such values in Modern education system. Instead it studies all values as just like any other value that a human can comprehend, change or discard based on his observations and desires. As a result all values are changing with the time; yesterday’s good is today’s bad.

Philosophy was banned in Europe. It became popular after revolution against Church. It gave rise to many theories & ideas. All these had few points in common:

  • “Religion / God have brought wars & oppression” vs “when we studied universe (or material things) we invented technology & hence brought industrial revolution”. So what is important? Studying God or Studying Material Sciences? We should focus on Material Sciences and leave the study of God to an individual.
  • Don’t worry about Heaven or Hell (After Life); rather focus on improving & enjoying this life
  • Emphasis shifted from God’s advice or morals or values to an Individual. It is ‘YOU’ who decides what is Good or Bad. Therefore the values change all the time. What was good yesterday is not good today. Moral values change day to day and person to person. Smoking, adultery, pornography, relationships, Marijuana, clothes, hairstyles & public behaviour are just few examples.
  • Nothing is universally & constantly Right or Wrong; rather things are good or bad relative to a time & place.
  • Nothing is prohibited! All is OK…. Everything goes. Legalise corruption, drugs, pornography, wars, etc etc.

In fact, law protects these ideas. No one; a counsellor, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher or even a parent is allowed to challenge an idea of a specific thought e.g. any type of sexuality or religion upon his subject.

Where does this modern education system leads to; Chaos, Corruption & Corporate Greed. People follow their desires and are increasingly dissatisfied. There is disorder because human beings have abandoned the Devine Guidance

But there is a Good News. Good News for the people who Believe & Act in this time & age:

“Indeed, mankind is in loss.

Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.” (Quran: Al- Asar)

And the Reward is Jannah