Making Own Passport / Visa Photos

Getting photos for passport or visa is expensive costing around £6 in UK currently. But you can easily create your own which cost as


little as 35p for four. And this is especially helpful for young children. Here is how:

  1. Take a photo with high resolution against light background and Save it on your PC. Photo should be bright with no shadows.
  2. Open the website:
  3. Select the Country, Photo and Click “Get My Passport Photos”.
  4. Click on Browse and Open the Photo you saved on PC.
  5. Click Next, your photo will upload on the page (takes little time)
  6. Click in the top left corner of Photo and drag towards bottom right (as instructed on the page) to Crop (Select & Cut) the photo to the right size. You may have to repeat this (by clicking Clear) till satisfied.
  7. Click Next, then Click “No Thanks” written in small Grey on bottom Right of the page
  8. Your photos will appear now.
  9. Click Skip written under your photo. Then “Download Photo Sheet Image”. Save the file to PC
  10. Copy the file on USB and take it to any superstore (e.g. ASDA, TESCO, etc.) and instant-print the image as 4” x 6” (4×6 inches size).

Your photos are ready. ASDA charges 35p to print this currently.

Khadijah bint Khuwailid (Razi Allah)

NOTE: All Ahadeeth below are simple translations, not the real words so these are just for basic understanding.

The Best Women of Mankind are four: Maryam daughter of Imran, Aasia wife of Farroha, Khadijah daughter of Khuwailid, and Fatima daughter of the Messenger of Allah“. – Hadeeth Sahih Bukhari &Muslim

Hazrat Khadijah (RA), Umm-al-Momineen (mother of Muslims), was the first and the most loved wife of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW). She belonged to a noble family. Khadijah (RA) was a beautiful, wise, wealthy, and above all, a decent lady known as Tahira (Pure & Clean) due to her noble manners. She would not indulge in bad practices of the time. At the time of marriage to our Prophet (SAW) Khadijah (RA) was 40 years old and was widowed twice.

She was a trader who would send representatives with her goods to various areas in Arabia to conduct trade on her behalf.


Khadijah (RA) came to know of young Muhammad (SAW) who was 24 years old and known as Ameen, the Trustworthy. She offered him twice the wages than usual to trade on her behalf. Muhammad (SAW) accepted. On his return the profit was also doubled; her slave Meisra informed Her (RA) about the great manners of the young man that he observed during the travel.  Khadijah (RA) was amazed & intrigued by the conduct of Muhammad (SAW).

Soon Khadijah (RA) showed interest in getting married to Muhammad (SAW); after consulting family & friends, He (SAW) accepted; a loving married life started. Muhammad (SAW) & Khadijah (RA) were 25 years & 40 years old respectively at the time of marriage.It was a 25 years long period of great pleasure & satisfaction for both. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) always praised & mentioned Khadijah (RA); during her life and ever after till His (SAW) passing away.

So much so that once Hazrat Aaisha (RA) (whom Prophet (SAW) married after Khadijah’s passing away) got jealous and complained “did Allah not give you a better wife in place that old lady”. Rasul Allah’s face got red with displeasure. He (SAW) replied,

Indeed Allah did not grant me better than her (Khadijah (RA); she accepted me when people rejected me, she believed in me when people doubted me, she shared her wealth with me when people deprived me, and Allah granted me children only through her”.

Such was the love for Khadijah (RA) and it was not unjustified. Khadijah scarified everything for Him (SAW) and Islam. During the boycott of She’eb- Abi Taalib, she was also thrown out of Makkah along Muhammad (SAW) where they ended up eating tree leaves for survival, even though she was one of the wealthiest people of Makah.

Once Rasul Allah (SAW) was in the company of Jibrail AS who said:

O Allah’s Messenger! This is Khadijah coming to you with a dish having meat soup. When she reaches you, greet her by telling that Allah, the Lord is sending HIS Greetings (Salam) to her (Khadijah), and I am saying my Salam to her too! And give her the glad tidings (good news) of having a palace made of Qasab (pearls) in Paradise, wherein there will be neither any noise nor any toil.” [Al-Bukhari]

Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah; what a reward!  Khadijah (RA) had many distinctions which are specific to Her (RA) only, some of these are:

–          She was the first wife of Rasul Allah (SAW)

–          She was the first one to know of the first vahee (Allah’s message) & Prophet-hood.

–          She accepted Islam before anyone else

–          She is the only one who gave children to Rasul Allah (except Ibrahim from Maria Qubti (RA) but he passed away very young); first two sons, Qasim and ‘Abdullah, then daughters, Zaynab, Ruqayyah, Umm Kulthum and Fatima (RA).

–          She was among the best four ladies on earth; one other best lady Fatima (RA) was her daughter

–          Allah sent Salam to her; no other lady has this honour (to best of my knowledge)

–          Her life gave Muhammad (SAW) the most joy and her death gave Him (SAW) the most sorrow. Year of Her (RA) & Abu Taalib’s death  was called Aam-al-Huzan (year of sorrow)

May Allah Ta’ala rest Her (RA) soul in peace and grant Her best place in Jannah – May we meet our spiritual mother Khadijah (RA) in heavens! Aamin.