Huae Tum Dost – Part 2

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Welcome to Our Land

Discovery Brought Death for Natives

Christopher landed in West Indies first. He & his armies were welcomed by the native people who were named as Red Indians; Columbus thought he had arrived in India. They were very hospitable and friendly – and were unarmed. Their land was fertile!

After discovering Amreeka & knowing the poeple, Christopher started killing red Indians at an estimated average of 1.2 million per year. The local people were considered less-than-humans, so were killed as sport too. Soon Christian Church & Columbus got well established here. Ships loaded with wealth & slaves started reaching Spain.

Killing as a Hobby
Killing as a Hobby

Queen being kind at heart, decided to grant few benefits to the victimized red Indians. Under these grants, Colubus was ordered to suitably inform the victims in advance that they are going to be killed and the reason for killing was also told. Crowds would be gathered and a statement would be read to them; in Latin or Spanish whichever suitable. Not a single person among them could understand Spanish or Latin!

The long statement is summarized below:

“You are ordered to obey Saint Peter & the Church. In case of disobedience, we will fight against you in every possible way. Your belongings will be confiscated and your women & children will be enslaved & sold. You will be solely responsible for any physical & material damage that may occur during this course, not the queen or its armies.”

Nearly 500 years passed, have the killing stopped? Just ask the Mayan Indians (the original people of Mexico & Central America) Maria Novaro, writes in NY Times (1999), Guatemalan army which is involved in killing Mayans is supported by US government through money, training and protection.

Christopher had learned very well from Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand on how to keep promises and regard agreements. He would make contracts with red Indians, accept all of their demands and then kill them all at a suitable time. He knew there is no contract, no promise, no agreement between powerful & weak. Only one rule applies and that is “might is right”. (Why don’t we understand this? We still believe in their promises).


Christopher was so ruthless that even queen had to take notice of the complaints against him. He was removed from powers and arrested on his way back to Spain. He was later released but his powers were taken off. Alas, irreversible damage had been done to the victims by then.

Now, tell me, Amreeka whose base is on creed and exploitation of other nations, how could it be beneficial to us?


Two Surrenders & Two Amir Abdullah’s

two amir
General Amir Niazi (left), Amir Abdullah (right)

Two shameful surrenders occurred in Muslims history; both were done by two Amir Abdullah’s. One, surrender of Ghernata by Amir Abdullah and second, surrender of Dhaka (now Bangladesh) by General Amir Abdullah Niazi to Indian army. Both Amir’s have striking similarities besides their name:

  1. Both had big army at the time of surrender (35000 in Spain & 90000 in East Pakistan). They could fight & resist for long time but resorted to disgraceful surrender.
  2. Both waited for external support which never arrived (General Amir was waiting support from Amreeka (as promised) but it never arrived).
  3. While Muslims lost their honor, lives & dignity, both Amirs successfully secured their personal interests (General Amir had paan business in Dhaka).
  4. Both were disgraced in public at the time of surrender. Former Abdullah wanted to surrender inside Alhamra palace but he was refused and asked to do so in public. General Abdullah was beaten with shoes on his head (closest translation of “sur par jootian”) and spate on face before surrendering in front of media. It was video recorded.
  5. They lived a long life after surrender and were never accounted for their shameful actions.

There were some dissimilarity also. Amir Abdullah from Grenada was crying with tears while surrendering; he was full of shame & sorrow. Amir Abdullah fought his father to drive him away to gain power hence wasting his efforts & power. But when the time came to fight, he surrendered.

While leaving the Grenata, he cast his last sight on Alhamra and burst into tears. Her mother turned to Amir Abdullah and advised ” Don’t Cry like a woman for what you could not defend like a man“.


General Niazi Surrendering in Public Ceremony
General Niazi Surrendering in Public Ceremony

The General Niazi was a shameless arrogant character; he was telling dirty jokes to Indian high command while surrendering. He never accepted responsibility.

Read Selected Urdu Text Here

Surrenders do not match Muslims psyche and whenever we surrendered, it had profound negative impact. There are lessons to be learned:


  1. We must learn from history.
  2. We must not try the already tried ones.
  3. Amreeka & west will never benefit us – they have their own interests to fulfil.
  4. Their target is ourselves and our wealth.
  5. They will destroy us if we join them, and they destroy us if we oppose them. Decide which one is graceful?
  6. We cannot change our past; we can only learn from it – Let’s do so and move on.

To be continued…


Huae Tum Dost Jis kay, part 1- Sad History of West & Amreeka


Book Cover
Book Cover

Urdu Book “Huae Tum Dost Jis kay” by Dr Haq Haqqi published in 2007 is about the bloody history of west (mainly US, also of British, Spanish, Portuguese, Germans, French etc), and how they literally ruined the rest of the world, especially Muslims. If you are light hearted, don’t read; it won’t let you sleep at night.

What is the history of US anyway? As put simply by the then chairman of Islamic society of North America some 30 years ago “God-Less-Ness, Slavery and Bloodshed”. The title of the book comes from an Urdu verse from Ghalib, the most famous poet. The translated meaning would be “One who gets your freindship, needs no more enemies”.

Below is a summary extract from the book. Few Photos and Text Pages attached Here. Read these first (in Urdu) before reading the summary. In this part author looks at events leading to sad demise of Spanish Muslim Empire & discovery of Amreeka. It also explores 4 characters who influenced our history badly, Queen Isabella, Christopher Columbus, and two Abdullah. We must learn from the history as it repeats itself; unless we do something to change its course.

My heart is crying while writing this summary. The saying “history repeats itself” is very true if you look at the Muslims history. But we have failed to learn anything from our past. Dr Haq starts the book by looking at last days of Spanish moor (Muslim) empire. He explores the behavior & actions of Muslim & Christian leaders of that time. There is a striking similarity in their behavior & actions with today’s leaders. If we do nothing & history succeeds in repeating (God forbid), we are doomed.

1492 – a Sad Year

1492 is very important year in the history of all nations and very sad one for the Muslims. This was the year we lost power in Spain after 800 years of rule and this was the year Amreeka was discovered. Both events belonged to one woman, the Spanish Christian Queen Isabella. Both of these events proved to bring great disgrace and loss to humanity.

Fall of Ghernata (Grenada) Spain

In a shameful ceremony outside Alhambra palace in Ghernata, Amir Abdullah the governor of Ghernata handed over the keys to Queen Isabella & King Ferdinand in the presence of their chief religious minister Cardinal and a special guest the Christopher Columbus. Christopher writes in his diary “Today, 2nd January 1492, the flag of queen Isabella rose forcefully on the minarets of Alhamra Palace. Then I saw the moor king Abdullah kissing the hands of Queen Isabella & King Ferdinand.”

Alhambra Palace
Alhambra Palace

A contract was signed between both parties that ensured that Muslims will not be harmed and more importantly Amir Abdullah was ensured that his personal interests will be protected. Amir Abdullah was crying during the ceremony. The Christian king said the famous words to comfort him “trust our promises, we will not betray you” (don’t we hear the same slogan from today’s leaders?). These promises & agreements were forgotten as soon as the ceremony concluded. The streets of Ghernata saw drunken Christian solders running after Muslim women. Mosques were filled with filthy smells of their horses. Libraries were burnt which had a wealth of centuries old knowledge, more than 300,000 books, sending dark smoke to skies; the darkness that is still lingering upon Muslims to date.


Why Amreeka was Discovered

Christopher Columbus was born in Italy to a Jewish family. He developed a keen interest in sailing adventures & by the age of 21 he became a famous sailor who wanted to discover new lands to make wealth & fortune. For that Columbus needed political & financial support. He contacted many European rulers for help but was rejected. Jews who were well established & felt secure in Spain under Muslim rules envisaged their fall. They knew very well that the fall of Muslim rule would make their life miserable under Christian leaders. They wanted someone to discover new lands for them where they could live peacefully. Christopher was a perfect candidate. They supported him in his cause.

King, Queen and Chrsitopher
King, Queen and Christopher

Christopher presented his case in front of King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella. They were assured that Christopher will bring lots of gold, diamonds and slaves from newly discovered lands. “I want to spread Christianity whole heatedly in newly discovered lands and want to take the message of holy church there. I intend to spend a good chunk of the income from new lands on freeing churches of Jerusalem from Muslims”. His case was accepted & Queen appointed him as her viceroy, an admiral and gave him 3 ships, 100 sailors & 2000 gold coins, hence full military and political support to discover new lands. And within 6 months Amreeka was discovered.

So what this discovery meant? Wealth for Europe & Death for Natives & Blacks.

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Neuschwanstein – The Fairytale Castle


As soon I saw it’s photo I adored it; also known as “the fairytale castle”, Neuschwannstein is considered to be the most beautiful castle in Germany, and one of the most beautiful in the world. It is located in the state of Bavaria, Germany.

–         Started in 1868 & completed in 1892.

–         It is one of the most photographed buildings in the world.

–         Neuschwannstein castle was one of the 13 finalists for the New Seven Wonders of the World competition.

–         Many movies are filmed here such as ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and ‘The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm’.

–         Design of Sleeping Beauty Palace in Disneyland is also inspired by this castle.

–         More than 1.3 million people visit it annually.

I came across its photo once and was immediately hooked to its magical beauty. I will visit you one day; I promised to this magical splendor. Few years passed, we decided to visit Germany, all of us, kids including; the castle was on my list. I am talking about 2003.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany-Inside view  tourism destinations


We boarded a train from Munich to Fussen. It was a memorable 75 miles journey through one of world’s most elegant forests of Bavaria. Train was rushing through long stretches of red poppy and yellow mustard flowers – a delight for the eyes.

Fussen is a small retreat / hill station town. People come here to visit Neuschwannstein castle. The castle is built on a hill-top nearby. We strolled in the peaceful Fussen in the evening. Castle visit was scheduled for the next day. A small journey by train and then a small walk landed us in front of this mystic castle.

King Ludwig II

The Mad King Ludwig II

This amazing architectural achievement was commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria in 1868, later known as Ludwig the Mad. Why? Such a masterpiece can only be ordered a madman!

He was only 18 when his father passed away, making him the King of Bavaria; the King Ludwig II. He was a man who lived in a world of his own; a world far away from realities, full of fantasy. Soon after becoming King, Ludwig lost ruling powers as Bavaria was taken over by Prussia. He distanced himself from state affairs and started wandering in the wild wilderness. One year later, he began planning for a kingdom and castle of his own, where he could be a real king once again.


King Orders Castle

He ordered the building of a perfect castle. Soon the castle foundations were laid. As the building progressed, Ludwig spent less time in Munich looking after the stately affairs and more time building the castle. He would change the design arbitrarily at his will, such as a small audience room was converted into a big Throne room.

Wagner Opera Affair

Neuschwannstein means New Swan Stone. This name is inspired after an opera character written by Richard Wagner. Ludwig was a big fan of Richard Wagner; many rooms in the castle are inspired by Wagner but he never ever visited the castle.


Reality Strikes – Ludwig Goes ‘Mad’

Ludwig’s behavior was not acceptable as a head of state. He spent so much money on the Castle that finances ran dry; banks starting knocking on his door (yes, these damn banks were there at that time too). Government declared him instance and confined him in Berg Palace. Ludwg II was found dead the next day (1986). He mysteriously drowned in the lake Stern along his physician who declared him insane.

My kids kept asking me for days, what happened to the Mad King? Why did he jump into the lake? And I had no answer.

Castle Completes but Mad man is Gone

The castle completed in 1892 after 24 years of construction but the mad man behind its construction was no longer there. Mad Ludwig could only sleep 11 nights in the Castle.


Waddesdon Manor

I visited the magnificent Waddesdon Manor few days ago. It is a beautiful country house Palace built on a hill top near the village Waddesdon in Buckinghamshire county. The house is surrounded by elegant English style Gardens.


Waddesdon Manor Aerial View
Waddesdon Manor Aerial View

We walked in the parks for long time and enjoyed the stunning beauty. I did not go inside the manor; there was not much time left and also it was quite costly.

Front View
Front View

So, who built this Manor? A Royal? No. It was a Banker – Yes, read on!!

Few Amazing Facts:

–          Construction work started in 1874 & completed in 1889

–          It was built by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild to impress & entertain the prominent people of the time.

–          It has 45 rooms with stunning views of one of the finest English gardens all around.

–          It’s architecture is typical Rothschild style so sometimes this building is referred to as “Gout Rothschild”, meaning Rothschild’s Taste. This family has built many buildings in similar style all around Europe

–          The manor was equipped with the most modern innovations of that time; including steel in the walls, running hot & cold water, central heating & electric lights.

–          Full grown trees were uprooted and transferred to the gardens. They used Chloroform as anaesthetic to the roots to minimise the shock; though this novel idea failed.

Sitting Room
Sitting Room

–          Queen Victoria was so impressed that she invited herself to Waddesdon Manor. Gardens did not impress her as much as the electrical lightings did. It is said she spent nearly 10 minutes switching On & Off a chandelier.

–          James de Rothschild, the last owner handed the manor to British National Trust as a heritage building in 1957 at his death. James also donated £750,000 to National Trust – the biggest amount ever donated to the trust.

–          It was opened to public after restoration. It is now second most visited National Trust building with payment of ticket.

–          Many films & dramas are shot at Waddesdon Manor such as Carry On movie “Don’t Lose your Head” and Indian movie “Khabi Khushi Khabi Gham”.

Rear Gardens with Fountains
Rear Gardens with Fountains

So who are Rothschild??? Were they so much rich?? Let me tell you:

Rothschild, a Jewish family originally from Frankfurt entered into banking around 1760s. They established their offices in major European capital cities; soon becoming the most Rich family in the history owning around half of the wealth of whole world. Their wealth has declined overtime, still it is estimated around $300 to $400 Billion.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder, after realising that wealth can be lost via local looting or other violent events, he established an international bank and held their assets in the form of global bonds, loans, stocks & shares; hence saving them from losing – a real cunning way. Also, they kept their wealth internal by keeping their business in the hands of close family members.

Just like other rich families of the time, they “invested” into the powerful Royals and leaders of the time in order to manipulate them, as well as financing the wars in order to get financial gains. So they became too rich to believe.

Sitting Room
Sitting Room

So where their wealth came from?? They did not start any industry such as manufacturing which would generate some commodity, & in turn produce wealth. Rather they invested in Promises on paper, also known as bonds, shares & paper notes. They themselves bought Gold (&still do) – a solid commodity. By use of these tools, they sucked wealth out of us, the public, making few rich the richest & rest the poorest.

Beautiful Gardens
Beautiful Gardens

Mind you this banking system is designed that way. If it prospers, we pay the price, and if it fails, we still pay the price! Remember the recent banking system collapse?