Justice is What?

In response to my article Calling for Nationalism, a friend has commented as below:

“I believe in fighting for justice. Whether that justice is to be won for a country, ethnicity, school of thought, religion or any other group of people. Us Muslims alone do not have divine right on justice.”

Brother, this passion for justice is commendable. This is reassuring and positive that there are people who aspire to fight for justice. It is indeed noble. Hazrat Ali (RA) said “a society can function on kufar system but not without Justice.”

Justice with Wrong Basis
Justice with Wrong Basis

Martin Luther King once said “Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere”.

However, Justice on its own carries no meaning; it has to be measured against something; a viewpoint, a rule or a law. But why? Let me explain; no two people, groups or countries on this earth agree upon what is just; one’s justice is other’s oppression.

For instance; Gay groups are fighting to call their union a ‘marriage’; they believe this is their fundamental right to do so. However others are saying that marriage traditionally refers to a man and a woman getting together, hence two men’s union should be called anything but marriage. The word ‘marriage’ carries a concept which should not be changed. Which group do you think is fighting for just cause here?

Talking drugs for instance, there are people in UK who support legalisation of drugs (cannabis, etc). Soft drugs are legal in neighbouring Netherlands. They say it is injustice to humans who want to use these. Opposing bloc says it is harmful to human health and increases crime hence it should remain banned. Who should we stand with here to support for justice?

Ethnic, religious, political groups like ETA (Spain), Tamil (Srilanka), Kurdish (Iraq, Iran, Turkey), Irish, Scottish, Palestinian etc etc are fighting for their rights all over the world and are declared terrorist or freedom fighters time to time depending upon the ‘need of time’.

Jstice in the Hand of Powerful
Jstice in the Hand of Powerful

Nudists demand they should be allowed to walk naked on streets; this is their human right. How about fighting for their right? (I am up for it:-)).

So, you can see each and every group, country, people & party believe that they are right hence demand for justice – yet no two of these agree what is just & what is not. Then how can we decide who to support for justice?

To summarise; we humans will always disagree on who is right or wrong based on our interests. We need an independent law, a reference point that defines the boundaries of right and wrong, and the just or unjust based upon it. So we could deliver Justice.

And what could be better than the Divine Law to define this? Allah’s law is the best upon which one can judge the justice.

Bus 76

Plane landed on-time on Heathrow terminal 1. I paced myself through the long familiar walkways of terminal 1. I had already calculated the time I will need to reach the central bus station to take bus 76. Odds were in my favour; no

Heathrow Bus Station

stopping at immigration or customs. I arrived well 10 minutes in advance at the stand 5.

It was a cold October evening and the stand was empty. A timetable at stand 5 was displaying bus 76 timings. Few minutes passed but there was no sign of bus; the driver must be stuck in traffic I thought. Suddenly I noticed bus 76 exiting the bus station. Oh no; I didn’t believe my eyes. The driver must be waiting on a different stand, now just turning around to reach stand 5. I will see him entering from the entrance shortly. The stands are designed in such a way that bus has to leave and go around the bus station to change stand. Several minutes passed but no bus 76 – stand 5 was empty as ever! I realized bus 76 had left for good from another stand. How can it be? I checked the timetable at stand 5 again; it was displaying bus 76 clearly.

I rushed to the help desk. Bus 76 now leaves from stand 19, I was informed. But stand 5 is still showing the time table, I complained. It must be a mistake; the person at desk enlightened me without any regret as if saying just go away I don’t care. He did not even take any note of the incorrect display. I was really dismayed. I went back the stand 5 to take off the timetable so it does not confuse someone else but I could not; it was fully secured. I walked to stand 19 and took the next bus 76. However I could not forget the incident.

After few days I contacted the bus company “first group” that runs bus 76 to complain. I was told that maintaining timetables at Heathrow central bus station is the responsibility of “National Express Limited”. This is the company that runs intercity coaches.

I contacted National Express. They advised it is not their but TFL’s (Transport for London) responsibility.

I contacted TFL. I was informed that it is Heathrow Airport’s responsibility so go to BAA (British Aviation Authority).

So I contacted BAA asking them to make sure if bus stands are shuffled, the correct information should be put to display. To my surprise I received an email informing me that displays have been corrected.

Wow, success 5th time; I had to correspond to 4 companies, had to swallow 4 ‘NOs’ and wait for 4 weeks to hear ‘YES’.

The big question is, why did I bother myself?

Not only because I had to waste time at stand 5. But also because the display at stand 5 was still wrong; it would confuse other passengers.

There are two morals of the story folks; one is personal and second is societal.


1-      Never Give UP if you want to be successful in life.  You do not fail until you stop. And path to success passes through Failure; in fact many failures. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before successfully constructing a light bulb. You need to swallow many No’s before the Yes.

2-      I corrected the wrong to benefit others in the society. If we do not remove a nail from the path until it punctures our foot, the paths will be full of nails soon. Don’t wait for others to correct something – Do it Yourself. Great people leave the society in better shape than the way they find it.

Every little deed counts; nothing is too small. The society will be better place if everyone does his small bit.


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