Al-Hayat Foundation

People who suffer in their early age either grow into an evil or become messiah for the needy. They feel the pain of poor. Zafar Iqbal Chaudhary is one such social worker personality from Mandi Bahau Din. By profession he is a wealthy car importer businessman.

Zafar Iqbal Chaudhary

Zafar Chaudhary established “Al-Hayat Welfare Foundation” with 20 Million (2 karor) Rupees from his own pocket. This is foundation is affiliated with the world famous Akhuwat foundation and does the same i.e. provides loan of 10 to 30 thousand rupees to needy without charging any interest. “I have never asked anyone for contribution but if one wants to contribute to this good cause why should I stop him” says Zafar.

Setting up an organisation to help local people in establishing means of income was his dream, but Zafar Chaudhary continually strives in doing charity work. He provides food to 400 families each year. He has provided computers to all local police stations so they could link to each other and fight against crime effectively. He has also provided 2 motor cycles as well wireless sets to police.

He plans to setup vocational school for ladies so that they could learn skills and earn for their family. Earning sustenance is the biggest issue for the people of Pakistan currently. People don’t have money to start small businesses. Those who have money don’t  trust others to lend. I wanted to reverse this trend.

Telling his life story, Zafar was born in a village near Mandi Bahau Din. His father was a small farmer so his childhood was really poor. Zafar was in school when his legs caught a skin disease. At times he could not walk and became bed-bound. Even now his walk shows signs of this disease. Life was a struggle. He wanted to become an engineer but had to leave university during BSc. Zafar decided to go abroad to earn money. He headed to Japan. But all in vain, he remained poor.

One day a thought came to his mind; if I ever get rich I will definitely help the people suffering like me, he pledged. From that day onward, his situation started recovering. Zafar got rich soon. And he did not forget his promise with Allah that he would spend his money on poor. Once well established in Japan, he decided to return home and help others.

What Zafar is doing is commendable! Helping others is noble. If one decides to help others, Allah surely helps him/her.

Though helping people to earn means of living is primarily the duty of Government. Current (& previous) government failed to fulfil it. Once we get the true Islamic government, the khilafat, Bait al Mal (Treasury) will loan money to needy. It will ensure that people have means to earn.

We have an example of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). A poor came to him for help. Rasul Allah helped him to get a spade and advised him to fetch wood from jungle to sell & earn. He did so; after few days he reported back to Muhammad (SAW) that he has enough money to live comfortably!