Funny Iran

Further to story of my visit to Iran Part 1 and Part 2, here are few funny things I came across.

It was 3 am when I reached Iram Hotel Tehran after a long flight, exhausted, eyes heavy with sleep, I checked in. I was allocated room no 313, what a good number I thought! I lifted me & my luggage to the desired floor using lift and started counting room numbers, 309, 311, 315. Oops no 313. Inspected again carefully but results were same. I went back to reception for help. The receptionist came with me to check, only to find out that the door of room 313 has been removed for repairs. I decided to change the room; it doesn’t look nice to sleep in a room with no-door, or does it? See photo (Click to Enlarge).

315 is there but No 313 ??

Was the ceiling built first or the Windows? in any case, Design & Planning is Vital before Building – Don’t you agree??

(See inside the windows)

Window & Ceiling

Interesting Use of Dil & Jiggar (Heart & Liver)!

Sign outside a Restaurant. The restaurant is a kind of equivalent to katta katt street stalls in Lahore:

Luqma-e-Lazeez Restaurant

Aamaadha Sandwich – Literally meaning that sandwich is willing to be eaten.

Sandwich Aamadha - Ready to Eat

The End…