A Courageous Hand-Less

God Helps those who help themselves..

This is a story of a brave man Muhammad Amin from Hyderabad. He was a welder and leading a normal life until one day….

Amin (right) with a friend

An accident changed his life forever, he lost his hands. Amin was devastated. For one whole year he remained in despair, doing nothing, just pondering what to do now. The life appeared to reach to a dead end. Imagine for a moment, a life without hands.

Amin composed himself and decided to fight back. He learned to live without hands. Soon he started a corner juice shop & started earning his means. He proved “Life is not what happens to you, rather how you react to what happens to you”.

At his Cane Juice Shop

He now leads near-normal life. He writes, drives and does other chores without hands. People visit to see him working.  Another interesting lesson one can learn from him is, he took action to change his situation. Surely nothing happens on its own, “You need to Act to Change your situation“.

Even courageous is his wife who, despite his disability, decided to go ahead & marry him. Amin was in the process of engagement when he lost his hands. People encouraged his finance to walk away, saying, how can one live with such a person for the whole life. She stood fast and took the challenge of marrying him. It was a great courage and sacrifice from her.

Amin giving Charity to a Begger

This picture really got my attention. A hand-less man giving charity to a ‘hand-full’ man. You tell me who has the ‘upperhand’ here?

The message from Amin to able-bodied people sitting at home and waiting for help is “Get out & do something, there are plenty of opportunities out there”.

Surely, God helps those who help themselves.

Listen to Amin’s own words: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMwdjvamueA&feature=related

Our Garden (August 2010)

Welcome to the Growing & Glowing “Great Finniston Farm”

Lettuce, Tomato & Potato plants are clearly visible (from left to right)

Great Finniston Flowers, Fruit & Vegetable Farm

Lovely & Juicy Home Grown Tomatoes – Superior in taste

Sweet Juicy Tomatoes nearly ready

Our Potato Crop

Our Potatoes & Garden Peas

Talking about potatoes, my favourite, it is interesting to know that Potatoes are:

  • The most important crop in world after staple foods (wheat, rice & corn).
  • The most nutritious & easy to grow crop, this is why the most common also
  • Grown since 7000 years ago in Andes Mountains of South America
  • Potato is called “Apple of the Earth” in Persian & French. Similar name is used in Chinese.
  • It is the first vegetable to go & grow in space in 1995
  • They were first introduced to Europeans in the late 1500s as poor people’s food. It still is; my salute to Potato, it feeds billions cheaply.
  • They weren’t an immediate hit in Europe, many people blamed them for diseases & rallied against them because they weren’t mentioned in the Bible.
  • Only slowly it became the most eaten food, upon which people rely to survive.
  • Irish were the first ones to adopt it. So much so that a disease destroyed the potato crop in 1840. As a result Ireland lost half of its population, 1 million died of hunger & many millions left the country.


Now some Flowers, we start with the Queen, “Red Rose”

Bunch of Red Roses

Small Yellow Flower

Small Yellow Flowers

White Rose

White Rose

Beautiful Vermillion Coloured Flower. Don’t know what Vermillion colour is? I didn’t either, until I saw this beauty?

Vermillion Beauty

Garden Pea’s Flower – yet another stunning beauty from Heavens.

Garden Pea Flower

“Lonely Planet” Travel Advice for Non-Mozlim Travellers During Ramadhan

This travel advice from “Lonely Planet”  is really interesting and made me Laugh:

Ramadan is a lunar month dedicated to sawm, or fasting, one of the five pillars of Islam. From sunup to sundown, the faithful abstain from food, drink, tobacco….

Nightly festivities trump early bedtimes during Ramadan. Sunset streets come alive with light displays, music and offers of sweets at every intersection. After an iftar of dates, soup or savoury snacks, people of all ages binge on sweets until the late-night feast – followed by more visits and sweets, until wired kids finally wear themselves out. 

There is no rush to get up the next day, unless shopping is on the agenda. Stores often close in the afternoon, and bargaining is more pleasant before midday heat kicks in and lack of water is felt. As sundown approaches, the mood turns upbeat, with Ramadan finery on display and tantalizing aromas filling the streets.

When a new friend offers you special Ramadan sweets or invites you to a family feast, polite refusal would be crushing. You are not obliged to return the favour or eat the sweets: you honour givers just by accepting their generosity in the spirit of Ramadan. Kindness can be repaid by practicing zakat, and giving to a local charity.

 For Full advice, go to: http://www.bbc.com/travel/feature/20100813-lonely-planets-top-five-tips-for-ramadan-travel

Two Mystery Plants

These two plants have troubled me since long. I thought this is the time to get some help from you – the experts:


Mystery Plant with Flowers
Mystery Plant with Flowers

I bought a number of fruit, vegetable & flower plant seeds early this year. I grew them in my garden and as usual, within days I forgot which plant was grown where, incredible isn’t it?. Now this plant, I thought it was carrots. Once it was a couple of feet high, I decided to dig one up & enjoy the young fresh juicy baby carrot. As I dug one excitedly, there was nothing underneath except bare roots. Disappointed & a bit baffled,  I planted it back hoping to get something later. Now this plant is 3 months old, about my waist high, and is producing one or two odd flowers, weird! What is this plant, a fruit, vegetable or just flowers??







Mystery Plant Building
Mystery Plant Building

I came across this building in Germany. It resembles to some kind of production plant. I have seen fertilizer plants, food processing plants and the like. But what is this plant? Any clues??

 Please Help Experts!

Moon Sighting Article in Urdu

Further to my discussion on Moon Sighting & different Opinions,  and Science about Moon Sighting, see below a nice article in Urdu:

Click Here to Read: Moon Sighting Article in Urdu

The author very nicely explains that having more than one Eids is just a recent phenomenon. It started only few years ago after the demise of Usmani Khilafat. Having different local sighting and Eids was introduced deliberately into Muslims to divide us.

The honourable classical Fiqh scholars like Imam Hanifah, Shafai etc, all talk about ONE Moon & ONE Eid or Ramadhan. The concept was implemented very successfully throughout Muslim world; Indians and Arabs had the same Moon date. This fact is proven if you read history books. The author provides clear Islamic evidences in the favour of global moon sighting for all Ummah. Unity as one nation under one leadership is the Answer. No, he is not advocating for United Nations of Muslims – we are only ONE NATION, so we want “United State of Muslims”.

Read & Enjoy: Moon Sighting Article in Urdu (download & then Read)

Read Part 1 for Detailed Article on the Subject in English

and Part 2 to Cover the Scientific aspects of new Moon & its visibility.